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Sterling silver Viking rune ring with 6th century Danish inscription, 'GIBU AUJA', 'I give good luck'.

Our Viking rune rings are all made from 925 Sterling silver using the authentic lost wax process. The designs of our rune rings are taken from various Viking artefacts to produce amazing works of art. Our Viking rings have runic inscriptions to give you the protection of Thor or Odin, or provide you with good luck and prosperity! All of our rune rings are open at the back and so can be adjusted to fit various finger sizes and suitable for Viking men or women.

  • 925 sterling silver ring with good luck rune design in 2 sizes.
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  • Small size - front width 10mm (0.4 inch), weight 5.8g (0.2oz).
  • Large size - front width 10mm (0.4 inch), weight 9.3g (0.33oz)
  • Open at the back, so can be adjusted to size and if you want it adjusting to your ring size before we send it then please let us know.
  • For size guide then see bottom of the page.

Ring size guide:

  • Small = 16 - 18mm internal diameter / US size 5.5 - 7.5 / UK size L - P
  • Large = 20 - 23mm internal diameter / US size 10 - 13 / UK size U - Z+2