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Viking Style Bows Designed for Re-Enactment

The average draw weight is around 35 lbs. (Other draw weights are available upon request). They can also be used for regular archery practice & each come with a six month guarantee*. Some simple rules must be followed by the serious archer: ALWAYS warm the bow up by vigorous rubbing with a cloth immediately before use, and then draw the string back a few times, increasing the length of the draw each time until you reach the maximum draw length of 28 inches. NEVER draw the string back more than 28 inches (70cm). NEVER leave the bow near a radiator or other heat source, ideally leave it out in the shed where the wood will not become too dry. ALWAYS string and un-string the bow gently and smoothly without twisting it.

Laminated wood, Viking-style flat bow - large

Length 62 inches (157cm).

Draw weight 16kg (35lb).

Weight 500g (1.1lb).