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This book is by UK author, Tai Larson, featuring his own and other private collections of UK Viking artefacts. It is fully illustrated with clear photographs and full explanations of all documented items.  Some of the artfefacts included are Viking swords, helmets, spear heads, scabbard chapes, axe heads, drinking horns, stirrups, necklaces, bracelets, arm rings, brooches, shield bosses, chainmail, knives and even grooming products, such as combs. It has 97 A4 sized pages and includes a full picture index at the back for reference.

As well as the clear photographic illustrations, it also delves into some of the history of the Vikings, the common modern misconceptions and even includes quotes from the Havamal too! It is a one of a kind in the way that it goes into detail about each find and what that represents in the historical calendar and how it immerses you in the Viking culture!

I was lucky enough to meet the author and as a rare treat he actually brought 2 genuine Viking swords to us so I could feel the weight and see the work and ingenuity of how these were forged over 1100 years ago!

Book size - 28 x 21cm (11 x 8.25 inch)

97 full colour illustrated pages.

Weight - 492g (17.3 oz).

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