Most of our products have moved to The Viking Dragon - Only Viking weapons are still available on this site for the time being, but we will be looking at having all of our products available on here again soon. Use the menus below to access The Viking Dragon pages for all of our products and collections.

Viking Swords

Battle-Ready Viking swords For Re-Enactment

Battle-Ready Viking swords For Re-Enactment / Live Steel Use

Our battle ready Viking / Saxon swords are all designed for re-enactment / live steel use. Our hand-crafted Viking / Saxon swords all have EN45 spring steel blades with a ground-out fuller making them the toughest re-enactment blades you can buy! Each sword is guaranteed for the first year of combat use against any of the following: breakage, rattling, loose fittings or excessive burring. All swords have a blunt, mirror polished, hardened & tempered sprung steel blades (EN45), the fittings are polished steel and the grip is leather bound wood.

Sharp Decorative Viking Swords for Display / Education

We also provide made to order sharpened Viking swords for decorative / display / education purposes.